[NEW ARRIVAL] 2022 Winter collection

【NEW ARRIVAL】2022 Winter collection

Nothing And Others The long-awaited 2022 Winter collection has arrived.

The items that arrived are these 9 items

C42210015 Tube Bangle

C42210016 Tube Pierce

C42210017 Tube Ring

C42210018 Turning Motif Petit Pierce

C42210019 Turning Motif Chain Necklace

C42210021 Fresh water pearl ring

C42210022 Fresh water pearl necklace

C42210023 Freshwater pearl Ear Set

C42210024 Fresh water pearl bracelet

In addition, as part of our sustainable efforts from this season, we have incorporated recycled cotton into the attached drawstring bag.

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We also have Nothing And Others Regular Collection.

Please enjoy shopping at Donnaruma ONLINE STORE.

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