Only one custom order embroidery in the world

For an additional 1,100 yen (including tax), you can have your desired characters embroidered on the product you purchased.
It is perfect for gifts such as celebrations as well as your own name.

This item can be embroidered

embroidery color

There are 11 embroidery colors available. Choose your favorite color.

Embroidery fonts and letter types

There are 3 types of embroidery fonts . Please select your favorite font after entering the desired characters.

Only half-width alphanumeric characters and symbols (/ & ( ) . , # - =) can be embroidered, up to 5 characters.
*We will fine-tune the size of the embroidery according to the number of characters.

font type

How to use


Select the product whose product name is [CUSTOMIZE] on the product page. STEP1


Enter the letters to be embroidered. You can embroider up to 5 single-byte alphanumeric characters, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and symbols (/ & ( ) . , # - = ).
Next, select the font, embroidery thread color, and embroidery position. Please refer to the sample in the product image.


Confirm that the customized product and desired embroidery content are in the cart, and if it is okay, press "Proceed to checkout".


■The place where the name is inserted varies depending on the product design.
■Custom embroidery takes about a week.
■Items with custom embroidery cannot be canceled or returned after an order has been placed.
■Please note that the actual embroidery color may differ slightly from the image.