Demiurvo × Nothing And Others

"Demiurvo x Nothing And Others"
The collaboration item is complete!

Demiurvo's popular mobile case "POCHE" (col. Etoupe) and
Limited items with Nothing And Others original chains will be on sale today from 10/6 (Wednesday)!

Mobilecase SET ¥15,180 (tax included)

Demiurvo's features are "stylish design and multi-functionality"
A very convenient mobile case with 2 card slits and a storage pocket on the inside and a coin purse on the outside that functions as a wallet.

In such a multifunctional mobile case
Nothing And Others original in this collaboration item
"Design chain that looks like a bracelet" is available!
A chain that can be used like an accessory
It adds a stylish and sophisticated femininity.

Mobile case and chain set
Versatile item that you can go out with this one

Nothing And Others original chain
Silver 925 plating design chain that can be worn around the wrist.
A limited-edition item that arranges the popular volume chain for mobile use in Nothing And Others.

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-about the brand-


Brand History
An up-and-coming MADE IN JAPAN smartphone case brand launched in October 2017 with the desire to create the coolest smartphone case ever.
The brand name "Demiurvo" is a coined word that combines the Italian words "creative and innovative", and the brand concept was launched as "creation and innovation".
For that reason, the founder himself went to France to find tanners to purchase leather for making smartphone cases instead of making bags, wallets, shoes, etc.
I found a tanner founded in 1927 in southern France near the Spanish border.

It was a first-class leather that has been used by domestic and foreign maison brands with traditional manufacturing methods and techniques that have been tanned by hand for about 100 years.
This time, we succeeded in directly purchasing this Remy leather under the cooperation of tanners.
I think that Demiurvo is probably the only smartphone case manufactured using this leather among Japanese domestic brands.

There is a saying, [onkochishin].
Inquiring about old things and learning new things, following the good old European manufacturing method and technology of the highest quality leather, destroying the concept of smartphone cases so far, creating new and innovative creatives.