Christmas Limited Item “Moonphases Necklace” now on sale!

Christmas Limited Item “Moonphases Necklace” 発売!

At Nothing And Others, the Christmas Limited Item “Moonphases Necklace” has been released for the first time !

The moon (=moon) engraved on the top of the necklace is a symbol of femininity and motherhood. In addition, by changing its shape according to the phases, it also has the meaning of a symbol of growth, "toward a new self..." .

On the other side, a diamond with the stone words of "eternal bond, immutability, purity" is embedded. It is said that wearing it will give you the power to overcome difficulties .



Combining a necklace top that can be used with either design and a silver chain with 14K gold plating, it is a limited item that can create a delicate yet casual special feeling.

GIFT WRAPPING present service is also available at Official Shopping Site “Donnaruma”. For those who purchase Nothing And Others, we will give 1 SET for each item.

This necklace is perfect as a gift for someone special, or as a reward for yourself. Product details can be found below.

C48010004 Moonphases Necklace Click here for product details and purchase

We hope you continue to enjoy shopping at the Donnaruma ONLINE STORE.

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